Hello Guys,
We welcome you To Milkshakeswap.Finance.
We would like to clarify some key things about this project

1) Milkshakeswap Finance is a hard fork of pancakeswap, but we do not hold back on the limited facilities, we have created this project to benefit our users, who are cultivating with us, we maintain the project The algorithm for will emit the least possible. And a decrease in inflation.

2)This Project be totally a community driven project.

3)Our project is now live, you can now Swap, Trade and participate in Flavour pool.

4) It is a pilot project aimed at controlling inflation and reward more.

In the end it is your fund that you know better where to invest it.

5) Here you can earn $milk by referring your family, friends and relatives. As a crypto trader or a Defi user, we suggest projects to our acquaintance and you will not get anything in the reward, but here you can earn $ milk in the reward. This is something new that we are a Provide in a decentralized manner.

6) We will try to be as transparent as possible.
Join our social handles to stay updated.

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/milkshakeswap
TWITTER: @Milkshakeswap
MEDIUM: https://milkshakeswap.medium.com/
INSTAGRAM: @Milkshakeswap.finance

Thank You.




A Fully Decentralized Platform On Binance Smart Chain

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A Fully Decentralized Platform On Binance Smart Chain

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