MILK Farming Tutorial

Input a trading pair and amount, click the Swap button. After that, confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

2. Provide liquidity

· MilkshakeSwap starts with 2 liquidity farming pools: MILK/BNB & MILK/BUSD

· Select a trading pair, then input the number of tokens you want to provide. Click the “Supply” button and then confirm it on MetaMask, You will get some LP Tokens as a reward.

3. Stake Milkshake LPs to get Milk

On the “Earn MILK” page, you can stake your LP Tokens to get MILK.

Approve the staking of LP Tokens first.

Click on the stake button, Stake your LP Tokens and confirm.

Later, you can harvest your Milk.



TWITTER: @Milkshakeswap






A Fully Decentralized Platform On Binance Smart Chain

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A Fully Decentralized Platform On Binance Smart Chain

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